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helps contractors run their business with less stress and more success

After 25+ years of working in every facet of my family's plumbing, heating, cooling and now electrical business, I sold my share to my brothers and retired from contracting at 48. I now help contractors all over the world succeed using my proven 7-Power approach. Will you be next?

After working in his own family business for 25 years and retiring at age 48, Al has spent the last 15 years helping contractors succeed using his proven 7-Power approach.

Couldn't Believe How Well it Worked

Matt Thompson, Gold Star Services

"Putting manuals in place is something I’d intended to do for a long time but we just never got around to it. Al gave us something we could build on, and it’s finally come to fruition. I hired a CSR on a Monday and using the manuals, she was 75% booked by Friday. I couldn’t believe how well it worked."

Hate Your Employees? You Need Operating Manuals

Jim Criniti, GM and Owner, Zoom Drain

"I was in the military and the lack of order in my business was driving me crazy. I hated my employees. I thought it was all their fault. Al said it was actually my fault because I didn't have manuals. So we got to work. Operating manuals now allow us to train people up quickly, hold them accountable, and promote from within, and that has made all the difference."

Enjoy Working 10+ Hour Days?

Denesse Iocco, Epic Services

"If you’re on the fence about operating manuals, you have to consider where your business is headed. If you want everything to stay the same and you enjoy working 10 hours a day and answering the same questions over and over, stay where you are. If you really want things to change, Al's operating manual course is something you should consider."

Moving Our Family Business Forward Together

Kathy Betlem, GM, John Betlem Heating & Cooling

"Before Al there were four Betlem’s and a couple of cousins all heading our own departments and going our own way. Al’s organizational charts showed us how we could join forces and move our family’s business forward, together."

More Confident Techs

Mark Paup, Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

“Before we made the manuals, techs were constantly calling their field supervisor to ask, ‘Is this right?’ Now the tech has a written description of exactly how to do 80% of his job with him at all times. The manuals make the tech more confident so the field supervisors have time to do their own jobs.”

Never Having to Say the Same Thing Twice

Tim Flynn, Winters Home Services

“Having customized manuals means never having to go over the same thing twice. I simply refer to the manual our employee has signed for and ask if there has been a misunderstanding of the procedure. Once agreed that there is no misunderstanding, we move on with our lives. Hopefully the discrepancy never occurs again, but if it does, we are ready.”

Accountability for Growth

Jeff Gerber, Homestead Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and Energy

"The implementation of systems and procedures not only made me and my brother Dale more accountable for how we run our business, it provided a fair way to hold our employees accountable for their work as well."

Employees Doing Things Their Own Way?

Rob Minnick, Minnick's Heating, Cooling, Energy Solutions and Insulation

"Are your employees doing things their way instead of your way? I know mine were, until we got our operating manuals done and rolled out. If this is happening to you, drop what you're doing and get Al's manuals. They will change your life."

A Great Read

Kevin Dyer, High Point Plumbing & Heating

"The 7-Power Contractor is a great book Al. I’ve read it a few times, and every time I do I need to stop, and write down something that I either stopped doing or should be doing. Great read to keep the train on the tracks."

Taking a Vacation Without Worrying

Adrian Stephenson, Comfort Service

Before Al’s operating manuals, my employee turnover was very high. I knew what I expected from my employees but they didn’t know what I expected of them, and I didn’t have any documentation to point to. Operating manuals allowed me to go from being reactive and micro-managing my employees to running my business in a systematized manner. Now I can take a vacation and not worry."

Manuals and Scripts Boost Conversion Rates

Steve Lowry, Lowry Services

“Our already-good CSR conversion rate jumped from 75% to 92% with the manuals and scripts in place! We got so good at capturing the call that we had the luxury of being more selective about the calls we wanted, so we went back and re-wrote a script for just this purpose. Imagine that!”



You need my new time management video program if...

  • You can’t find a few hours much less five minutes a week to work on your business...
  • Your phone is constantly blowing up with calls, texts, and emails (and you don’t know how to stop it)…
  • You’ve handed off a task to someone only to have it boomerang and land back in your lap…

In this program, you will learn the 7 proven time management techniques I used to get my life back when I was a contractor and that I've since taught to hundreds of 1-to-1 clients.

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The 7-Power Contractor Book

Hundreds of contractors have achieved less stress and more success in their businesses by applying my seven simple business powers.

If you're spending most of your time at work putting out fires...frustrated with employees who don’t do the job properly...tired of your phone blowing up with questions and crises whenever you try to get away...and wondering how you'll ever change all that—this book is for you.

Build Your Operating Manuals Program

You’ve worked hard to build your contracting business but your gut is telling you there must be a better way to run it. That better way is operating manuals.

IMAGINE...Having time to work on the business instead of having to constantly micromanage your staff...Taking vacation even during the busy season at work.

Operating manuals make that possible.

Course Includes:

  • 3 must-have integrated operating manuals — Tech, Dispatcher and CSR.
  • 23 video lessons and 10 demonstration videos.
  • A robust workbook and lots of helpful handouts
  • Opportunity to purchase up to 28 additional manuals at the end of the course.

I will be your virtual trail guide, teaching you how to customize the manuals to fit your business and get your employees’ buy-in, which makes all the difference.

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