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Bobby Lockett of Air Conduit

When I first spoke with AI, I wasn't sure that what Al has done with other contractors would fit my company which is primarily a commercial service and install company that also does residential service and install. I was pleasantly surprised in both our first step together called Planning Power and our second step called Customizing Operating Power to learn that Al has done commercial, industrial, and residential work and has an incredible grasp of the inner works, trials and tribulations we owners face every day.

By | November 25th, 2011|Success Stories, Written Testimonials|

Brian Kiernan, Deiter Bros.

So, when Al Levi came in, I spent three days locked behind closed doors with him, going step-by-step-by step as to what I expected from my technicians–and from my dispatchers, my customer service representatives, accounts receivable, accounts payable–even the oil truck driver.We weren't really having a tremendous problem on the financial end, it was organizational, communications.

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