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Run Your Contracting Business with Less Stress and More Success | The Site Shed Podcast

In this episode, TSS046, Matt Jones, host of The Site Shed Podcast and I get together for some Tool Box Talk around the systems and processes that my brothers and I developed for our family’s plumbing, heating and cooling business. Now known as The 7-Power Contractor approach, we discuss it and the systems and [...]

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Why Buy Another Contracting Business Book?

Al Levi Introduces His New Book, The 7-Power Contractor

Good question!

Is there a shortage of business books out there or business information out there on how to be successful in the contracting business? Nope!

Can trying to figure out what to do with all that information be overwhelming and confusing? Yes!

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Checking In vs. Snooping

In a bunch of management articles and blogs I’ve read in the last few years, there is more and more discussion about the ever-growing amount of time being wasted in the office by personnel and staff in the field. A really good blog on this subject is in the link below: The issue I’ve [...]

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How is Staffing a Company like Filling a Bathtub?

When I teach Staffing Power! in seminars or in one-to-one work with clients, I share that it’s all about a never-ending approach to the following five things: Always be recruiting Always be hiring Always be orienting Always be training Always be retaining This is all about the last one….Always be retaining. So, how is staffing [...]

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Trust But Verify

For the history buffs amongst you, “Trust But Verify” was a quote widely attributed to President Reagan in the late 80s when dealing with the Russians and in particular nuclear disarmament. I think this quote applies every bit as much to running a business and the interaction that needs to go on between employers and [...]

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Taking the Surprise Out of Staffing Issues

Picture this. It’s late in the day. You’ve finally made it back to your office after another crazy day. Just as you plop down into your chair to begin digging through what’s be haphazardly dumped on your desk by your all to willing to “dump it on the boss” staff and there’s a knock at [...]

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Who’s Judging My Work and Based on What?

Who is really my boss and what the heck are they judging me on? This is one of the most common complaints I hear in my multiple one-to-one private interviews with staff when I make my first onsite visit to a new consulting client’s shop. Part of my agreeing to come and help is I [...]

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I had a distinct dislike for one particular company on Long Island who we butted heads with a lot. And I hated them for it…at least at first I did. My dad had long preached, “Bless your competition. They make you better.” Good advice; tough to take. Just one of the reasons I hated them [...]

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7 AM to 7 PM is Normal Service

In years of seeing a lot of different clients, I prefer to work for people who have jobs and value their time as much as they value their money. Today these ideal clients are typically dual income households. That means they work long hard hours and they tend to be first coming home late in the day.

The only way to win them as clients is to serve them the right way and on their schedule.

Think about it. When these choice customers come home and find issues at their home that require they call a contractor what is it they’re most likely to get starting around 4 PM? an answering machine!

Maybe you have a professional answering company, surely an improvement, but it’s not anywhere as good as answering your own phones. Why? Because you have a vested interest in the outcome and they don’t.

Also, you have more power to convince a Tech to either stay on late or come out and do a call where they are more likely to blow the call off altogether or go and just mail in their effort when they field the call or they get the message from an answering service. When this happens, it’s the customer and the company who are poorly served.

So, what’s the answer?

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