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Driving Phenomenal Sales With Sales Coaching

Driving Phenomenal With Sales Coaching | Al Levi

When it comes to your contracting business, sales coaching is the key to driving phenomenal sales.

But, how can you effectively coach sales without a repeatable-documented selling system to train Techs how to do sales the right way? The answer is you can’t.

The Tech selling system I teach has five steps. Each step needs to be taught and demonstrated in a certain order because one step builds on the other. If you skip steps, the system falls apart and sales suffer, as does customer satisfaction, a lose-lose scenario that can be avoided!

The five steps are:

  1. Open the Call the Right Way
  2. Gain Permission to Survey the Premises So Nothing is Missed
  3. Price the Work That You’re Recommending Correctly
  4. Present the Menu With What Must Be Done and Extras Worth Considering
  5. Write the Kind of Work Order that Gets Signed

Documenting this sales system has been documented and training your techs on it is only half the battle, however. To gain traction and build a good sales culture over time you will also need to provide never-ending sales coaching for it.

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Why Buy Another Contracting Business Book?

Al Levi Introduces His New Book, The 7-Power Contractor

Good question!

Is there a shortage of business books out there or business information out there on how to be successful in the contracting business? Nope!

Can trying to figure out what to do with all that information be overwhelming and confusing? Yes!

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Selling Quality Assurance Standards

When I got smarter at the work our company did, I liked to show off. I’d use big fancy terms and technical jargon that I thought would totally impress the customer I was in front of as either a Service Tech doing a service call or a Big Ticket Salesperson selling a big installation [...]

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What’s a Commercial Sales Agent?

A Commercial Sales Agent is the person at your company who would be tasked with generating new commercial accounts that provide sales for commercial install, maintenance and service work.  And for strengthening and maintaining healthy business relationships with the commercial business you already service. A little more about Commercial Sales Agents. They are not the [...]

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Sales Acronyms That Boost Sales

What is a sales acronym? It’s a shortcut to remembering the key steps your Service Techs must follow to have a repeatable sales approach to running a service call. Make no mistake. Great sales come from a great sales system. And the first thing about a great sales system is it must foster and promote [...]

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This is what I said to my brother, Richie, about the fix I felt we got from doing monster commercial and residential jobs for a lot of dollars that generated little to no profit, no profit or sometimes a loss. Some of that was we weren't as good at getting paid for change orders as we thought [...]

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Preparing to Win Sales

Improving sales is just like everything else in your business you want to improve. It goes a whole lot better when you’ve got a plan and you’re prepared. To make quality sales, we need a documented systematic approach and practice to be successful. I don’t believe in “Born Salesperson.” The reason is I was terrible [...]

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Family, Friends and House of Worship

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes. Be a contractor long enough and you’re going to end up selling stuff to your family, friend or house of worship. Here’s another axiom that is true. When something can go wrong, it’s bound to happen at your relative’s home, your friend’s home or your house of worship! [...]

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Selling…Dos…and Don’ts

I live in Arizona for the last 10 years. For 8 months of the year, it’s a lovely place to be. But, it gets just a little toasty the other 4 months of the year. And that puts an awful strain on air conditioners and a whole lot more of stuff we took for granted [...]

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Dressing for Dollars

Dead head tee shirt, muddy work boots, a local sports team baseball cap, beat up blue jeans, a plaid hunting jacket and sporting a 3 days growth of facial hair. Am I talking about the Techs I encounter? Unfortunately in this case, I’m talking about the way some of the owners who I meet for [...]

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