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Holiday Bonus Blues Getting You Down?

Holiday Bonus Blues Getting You Down? | Al Levi, The 7-Power Contractor

The holiday season should be a wonderful time for friends and family to gather. It should also be a time for everyone at your company to come together and celebrate another year wrapping up as a team.

But, the holiday season can be very stressful at work.

One of the reasons is the ugly thing that can happen at companies and that is the tug of war over giving staff holiday bonuses. It’s not that you’re cheap. But, a lot of contractors I’ve worked with have had to take the money out of their own bank account or even worse from their own holiday fund to pay these bonuses. That’s just not right, let alone sustainable.

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Why Buy Another Contracting Business Book?

Al Levi Introduces His New Book, The 7-Power Contractor

Good question!

Is there a shortage of business books out there or business information out there on how to be successful in the contracting business? Nope!

Can trying to figure out what to do with all that information be overwhelming and confusing? Yes!

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Engineering a Turnaround

It’s never too late to engineer a turnaround at your company! Pretty bold statement! It needs to be. I want you fired up about taking back your company from the jaws of defeat and get it headed in the direction of success. Here are just 7 reasons your company might need to engineer a turnaround: [...]

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Loaves of Bread

Many of the contractors I speak to and even work with have many common traits. But the one that undermines many of them the most is being too overly involved with stuff that doesn’t really matter all that much but they like to do it so they do it at the expense of doing the [...]

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4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow Now

Are you struggling to meet payroll and make ends meet in general? Here are just 4 Ways to get the cash flowing again at your company now: Sell more service agreements, packages or other items that give us recurring income and a potential to visit the customer to make legitimate comfort suggestions. Do more of [...]

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